Dashboard Quota usage

The Wishlist+ Quota Usage denotes the total number of times any product that has been added to Wishlist by customers on your store in that calendar month.  You can view the Quota Usage by going to Dashboard. This count is not specific to each user, but for all customers across your store. 

Does removing an item from the Wishlist impact the Quota?

If a user removes an item from their Wishlist, the usage-number does not reset as our system counts the actions and not the number of products. 

Quota Usage Alerts emails

Once the usage count reaches 80% of the specified quota for your pricing plan, you will start receiving Usage alerts to the admin email on file. The email will contain the actual usage count and options if you want to increase your quota.

What happens if my usage quota has been exceeded?

If the usage in any given month exceeds the specified quota for your plan and the plan hasn’t been upgraded,, the app will get disabled from your site and users might not be able to access their Wishlist. 

When does the usage quota for my plan get reset?

The usage count is reset back to 0 at the beginning of each calendar month.

What are the usage Quotas for the various plans?

Free: 100 items/month 

Starter: 1000 items/month 

Pro: 10,000 items/month

Premium: 50,000 items/month