There are chances that the Wishlist Button might be missing from your shopping sites even after proper installation of the application. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand why the button is missing and what you could do to fix this problem. 

The Basic Check

The Wishlist button is generally placed next to the “Add To Cart” button. Once you’ve finished configuring the app on your store, check to see if the button shows up at the expected position.

Case 1: If the button isn’t visible, then 

  • Go to the Swym dashboard and verify that check if the Wishlist app on your site is enabled. If it is disabled, enable the app to see if it shows up correctly now. 

  • Next, click on the Wishlist Appearance tab to check which template is chosen for the button and look for it on your shopping site. Whatever is chosen needs to be seen on your shopping site. 

Case 2: The button might not appear because of cache issues where the browser would be storing old session’s data and might be attaching the old values to the new sessions as well. In such cases, you need to do a hard reset by copying the URL of your page and open it in an incognito window which will clear your cache memory and sort the cache issues.


Case 4: If it shows “Swym not loaded” on your browser console then there is a high possibility that certain lines of codes are missing from the theme files. For this:

  • On your Shopify dashboard goto sales channels where you’ll find a heading called “themes.” Click on it, then click on actions and choose edit code option.


  • You need to check two things here. If swym-product-view.liquid and swymSnippet.liquid files are available. These two files are very important for the Wishlist Plus app to function efficiently. If any one of these isn’t available then please email our support team and they’ll get this resolved for you.


If none of the above steps helped resolve the issue with the Wislhlist button not showing up, please email us and we’ll work to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible.

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