Considering a product is sold out, the In Stock Alert button should appear on the page. At times, after the product is sold out the button might fail to appear on your product page. Here are a few troubleshooters to consider for this issue: 

Store related issues: 

(i) Missing Details 

For the In Stock Alert button to appear on the sold-out product, there are certain information parameters that are mandatory to be filled. Make sure the following details are entered: 
A. Product image

B. Product description 

C. Price of the product. 

If any of these details are missing, the In Stock Alert button will fail to appear. 

(ii) Check for Sold Out

As we know, the “In Stock Alerts” button will appear only once the product is sold out. Please make sure you are looking for the button on the correct page. If the product is still available in the inventory, then the button will not appear. 

Note: If your store inventory is not managed by Shopify or Bigcommerce, then the button will fail to appear. 

Dashboard related issues 

(i) Check if the button is enabled. 

On your Admin Dashboard > Settings > General Setting, you will notice an option to Enable and Disable the app. If the section reads “In Stock Alerts app on your store is disabled.”, then click on the “Enable” button to make the In Stock Alerts active. 
Note: If the In Stock Alert button is active, the button will read disable, to give you the option to disable it. 

(ii) Colour mismatch

Check to make sure the colour of your button under Dashboard > Settings > Button Configuration is set appropriately. If the colour of your button is assigned the same color as that of your website/store background, the button might merge with the background making it invisible. Make sure the colour of your button is a contrasting colour to that of your website background. 

(iii) Save fail

After making changes to your dashboard it is very essential that you save the changes by clicking on the “Save” button on the top right corner. Append your URL with ?swaction=clearcache to view the changes on the live store. If the changes are not saved, the In Stock Alert will not appear. 

(iv) App Quota Breached 

Depending on your plan, your store is designated a certain number of subscriptions per month called “In Stock Alert Quota”, as shown on the image. You can view the Quota by going to Dashboard> Metrics > Summary. If your store has exhausted its Quota for the month, the button will be disabled.  
The quote for each plan are as follows: 
Free: 50 items 

Starter: 250 items 

Pro: 1000 items 

Premium: 5000 items 


If your In Stock Alerts button fails to appear after the above parameters are met, then please get in touch with us on and we will be sure to resolve the issues.