The Reports tab is helpful to review data on how users are engaging with the products on your site from a wishlist perspective, which products are the most popular, who are your most engaged Wishlist users, how wishlist actions are converting into sales etc. 

Wishlist Products
Enables the store owner to view the products that have been added to the wishlist on their store by various users across the store.  

Wishlist Users 
Provides details of which users are engaging with the Wishlist module on your store. The report provides details on the users’ email address and the number of products they’ve added to their Wishlist.

Purchased Products

Provides details on the products that were purchased from your store. If you wish to understand the sales details of the products on your store, it can be done here. It gives details of the products such as the image, tile and the frequency of purchase. 

Abandoned Products

Often times a user adds a product to the Cart but does not buy it, these products will be listed under Abandoned Products. It also gives you specific details of the products and the number of times each product was abandoned.