f you are unsure whether your “Back In Stock” email was sent out to users waiting on those alerts, you can verify the same by following these troubleshooting steps: the following

1. Make sure the IBack in Stock Product Alerts app is enabled on your store. This can be done via Swym Dashboard > In-stock Alerts > Enable.

2. Verify if the app usage quota for the plan you are on has been breached. You can view the Quota/Usage by going to Dashboard section. If your store has exhausted its Quota for the month, the app would have gotten disabled resulting in the emails not getting triggered.

3. If you are on our Free plan, the app does not automatically send out emails. Instead, you can trigger these manually from the dashboard whenever you restock an item by going to the Back in Stock Product Alerts Products section that’s shown below and clicking on the “Send back-in-stock email” button for the product(s) that was/were restocked.

Swym Dashboard > Reporting > Back in Stock Product Alerts Products tab

If your emails have not been triggered in-spite of the above paramagnets met, you can reach out to support@swymcorp.com or check the Sent Email details on the dashboard under Reports.