At times, a user who has subscribed to a Back in Stock Product Alerts does not immediately purchase the item after the “Back In Stock” email has been triggered. In those cases, a second reminder email to those users might help nudge them to complete that purchase. The “Back In Stock Reminder” feature in the app can help you configure these automatic second reminders - you can specify the time interval after which you want the second reminder to be sent, set up the template for the same and the app will handle sending the reminder at that specified time. 

Enable the Back in Stock reminder if it isn’t already, setup the hours/days/Weeks after the session when the email must get triggered.

Go to Swym Dashboard > Back in Stock Product Alerts > Automatic reminder email sending > Enable > Set the frequency. 

Clicking on Manage Email Template opens up the Email Template Editor where you can change the look and feel of the Back In Stock email using HTML and CSS.