ESPs (Email Service Provider), apart from sending mails, also collect data about the users which are then utilized by merchants to prepare their marketing strategies and mailing lists.

By default, all the reminder mails sent out to customers are via Swym’s ESP. But few  merchants prefer to use the ESPs that they have subscribed to on their end instead of Swym’s ESP.

Merchant ESPs that are supported by Swym are displayed in the image below along with the supported functionalities.

NOTE: All ESP integrations are supported only with Swym’s paid plans (that is, PRO and above).


Sender is the most basic functionality, where Swym allows the chosen ESP to send reminder emails to users instead of Swym. Let’s look at how each supported ESP is configured as a sender.


  1. If your ESP of choice is Klaviyo then you need to provide the API Key as well as template ID from Klaviyo’s end to our Support team.

  2. Template ID is generated by the ESP when you create your email template using Klaviyo’s template editor. Read more on Klaviyo integration here.

Bronto, Retention Science

  1. Bronto and Retention Science are similar to Klaviyo except, additionally, for these two, Swym can provide you with dynamic tags such as <product name>, <size>, <price> etc. which you can incorporate in your email template, upload to the ESP and then share the template ID with the Support team.

Amazon SES, MailChimp/Mandrill, Dotmailer

  1. In case of Amazon SES, Mandrill or Dotmailer, you only need to provide the API keys and share the email template which the support team will then incorporate at the back-end.

Flow Integration

Currently, this feature is only applicable if your ESP is Klaviyo. Whenever a Wishlist event occurs, Swym sends out the event alert along with associated user data to Kalviyo, which then passes through Klaviyo’s custom flow.

These flows are designed to allow a merchant to do more with the user data than merely sending out emails. For example, sending out a web notification or suggesting alternative products that the user might as well like.

NOTE: If you would like to expand your user base or add custom functionalities to Wishlist, please contact