The appearance and placements of the Back in Stock Product Alerts button can be modified to best suit the needs of your store. This can be done in the following ways:


(i) Button Appearance.

Using the Swym dashboard, you are given the option to modify the visual appearance of the button. You can make the changes at Dashboard > Settings > Button Configuration.
Use the option here to make the following changes:
A. You can alter the template of the button. The button can be: (1) Icon and Text (2) Only text (3) Only icon.
B. The colour of the button can be modified by selecting a colour from the colour-picker or entering a hex code.

C. You can also pick the label of the button. This is the text that goes on the button.  


(ii) Appearance of Subscription Form 

Using the Sywm dashboard, you can decide two appearances for the Back in Stock button. These changes can be made at Dashboard > Settings > Button Configuration. The two major options given are: 

A. Inline form

By selecting the “Inline form” option, your In Stock Alert subscription form will appear on the same page as the sold-out product. This will allow the customers to enter their details on the same page in one action.     

B. Button

If you select the Button option, your subscription form will not appear on the same page. It will instead be a button-click to complete the action. On clicking the button, a pop-up window will open with the subscription form. You are given many options for button placement. It can be placed as follows: 

1. Right on the screen

2. Next to the out of stock button

3. Left of the screen 


(iii) Back in Stock Product Alerts based on the number of variants sold out.

By default, the subscription form only appears when a consumer selects a specific out-of-stock variant for a product. You may allow the Back in Stock Product Alerts form in the following two cases:
1. The form appears when a specific out-of-stock variant is selected (default).

2. The form appears even when one of the variants is sold out.

If you wish for the subscription form to appear irrespective of either one of variants sold out, you can get in touch with the out team on

Note: This is only possible if the out of stock variant is a selectable option on your store theme. Additionally, in certain themes, a change in product variant does not change the variant in the URL (Refer image below). That makes it difficult for the apps to detect the variant and therefore does give us the option to show the Back in Stock Product Alerts button.