In addition to sending a Back In Stock emails to your users, some merchants also like to add their user to a mailing list. This allows you to collect email IDs from users to send out promotional emails, discount information or more. Our system lets you add a simple checkbox below the subscription form(As on the image). An Interested consumer can pick to add themselves to your mailing list by checking the box. 

This can be done via the Dashboard. Head to Dashboard > Settings > Newsletter mailing list. If this option does not appear, you might need to upgrade your plan. This feature is available to all paid plan users(Starter, Pro & Premium).  


If you are using Mailchimp as your Email Service Provider (ESP), you have the option to link your Mailchimp account to your store and enable the option. Clicking on the “Connect with your Mailchimp account” hyperlink, it will redirect you to your Mailchimp page. Follow the steps to finish the process.
NOTE: Once you return to the dashboard, make sure to save the changes and clear the cache&cookies from your browser to view changes.


If you are using another ESP, (apart from MailChimp) such as Bronto, Klaviyo or SendGrid, then you will have to reach out to the support team and the “add to mail list” checkbox will be integrated by us.

To set up your mailing list, reach out to our team on Please make to include your account information. Also, include the API key and the List ID of your ESP.

If you are using Klaviyo, you can find locate your API Key here and your List ID here.