Go to your Swym Dashboard > Back in Stock Product Alerts Settings > Button Configuration.

  1. You can choose one of the 3 display options for the Back in Stock Product Alerts button

    1. Icon + Text

    2. Text only

    3. Icon only

  2. You can pick a color for the button by clicking on the color box and picking a color or entering the corresponding hex code.

  3. You can enter your desired text to display as the label of the button.

  4. You have to option choose between having a button for Back in Stock Product Alerts or an Inline form. In case of a button, you can place it at:

    1. Right of the screen

    2. Next to the out of stock button

    3. Left of the screen

NOTE: For placement at any other location, please contact the support team.

If you choose an Inline form/button, you have the option to change the labels and placeholders in the form/pop-up as shown in the image below.